bloody kissesTo continue the theme of Halloween, i chose a band that best represents the month in my opinion because after all a fan on Twitter described it best when @OneCrimsonGhost said, “An October without Type O Negative is like a December without Bing Crosby.” One of my older brothers introduced me to this Gothic Industrial Metal behemoth that when I first took a listen, it scared the crap out of me. The Late and great Peter Steele’s voice was so deep that it was eerie. In my opinion he belonged in horror movies providing voice overs. The band was made up of former Carnivore singer Peter Steele on both Bass and Vocal duties, Josh Silver on Keyboards, Sal Abruscato on Drums, and Kenny Hickey on both lead and rhythm Guitars. Bloody Kisses was the band’s third release and the follow up to The Origin Of The Feces.

bloody kisses 2Machine Screw sounds like a woman is having sex with a machine before it kicks into the next track. Christian Woman is a nine minute opus that is relentless with the sludge like guitars and the eerie keyboard effects. The second part of the track features some sound effects of birds chirping along side some acoustic guitars and a little bit of a change in the tone of Peter’s voice before they shift it back into overdrive. The third part of the song has elements of ghoultastic keyboard playing that I see Ghost BC took influence from. Black No. 1 (Little Miss Scare-All) is one of the most badass songs on the record and one of my favs that pokes fun at the gothic culture with mentions of Lily Munster, Halloween, and Nosferatu. Faye Wray Come Out And Play is another intro track that sounds like a woman is getting tortured with a voodoo priest. Kill All The White People is a punk like track with some stoner like metal mixed in that was written in response to all the people in Europe that were calling the band racists. Summer Breeze is the band’s gloomy gothified cover of the famous Seals & Crofts track. Set Me On Fire is kind of a 70’s psychedelic groovin track with some funky guitar playing.

Dark Side Of The Womb is another intro track that features a baby crying along with some machine like noises before it kicks into the other track on the record that dealt with the haters called We Hate Everyone. The song has several different facets to it where it starts off with a punk sound before it goes back into the band’s signature gothic style. Bloody Kisses (A Death In The Family) is another one of Type O’s 10 minute opuses  that starts with a Phantom Of The Opera style organ playing with the sludge metal style coming right after. 3.O.I.F sounds at first sounded like a drag car driving until we hear sounds like souls in hell. Then it kicks right into Too Late: Frozen with it’s sonic assault and pummeling drum beats and gang style vocals from the band during the chorus. Blood And Fire is the next track and it rips and I have to say that I love the harmonies in the chorus because they are so in sync with each other. Can’t Lose You is the last track on the record. The song sounds like it has a sitar in the beginning which is cool and the song is doom like with psychedelic vibes all through out which is something I love from the band. It’s sad to know that Peter Steele passed away because you can hear his influence in tons of bands like The 69 Eyes, HIM, etc. This is definitely a must have record so I am going to give 4.5 stars out of five.

  1. […] Bloody Kisses which also happens to be my favorite album from the band. You can check that out here and below that check out the video for Black No. 1. R.I.P. Peter […]


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