mountain of the cannibal godI found this film by chance on Youtube and looked up what the film was about only to find out that it was banned.So, the fact that it was banned had me even more curious as to why it was banned in the states. The movie (also known as Primitive Desires) is about a woman named Susan (Ursula Andress) who travels to Guinea with her brother in order to find her husband that has gone missing during an expedition there. They enlist the help of an American scientist named Edward (Stacy Keach) who seems to know a lot about where they are going.What they find there is something that none of them could have ever hoped or imagined in their lives. The movie also stars Claudio Cassinelli (Hercules) as Manolo, Antonio Marsina (The Last Blood) as Arthur, Franco Fantasia (El Cid) as Father, Lanfranco Spinola (Confessions Of Emmanuelle) as Consul Burns and the movie was directed by Sergio Martino (Torso). 

Ursula AndressAs I stated in the above paragraph, while I was watching the movie I didn’t understand why it was banned until there was 15 minutes left in the film. The whole movie is actually pretty decent besides the fact that Stacy Keach overacts in a couple of scenes, but some of the kill scenes are pretty cool. They definitely use the jungle crazy natives, acting like cannibals thing pretty well. Until we get to the last 15 where you notice a girl become very erotic and sexually aroused, a man raping a pig, and a scene where a man is in the tribe is punished by having his penis cut off. Yes they went there and it was visually disturbing. In a ritual they rub Ursula’s naked body with some kind of liquid meanwhile they keep her tied up the whole time because they think she is a goddess. The movie is good until you get to those scenes I described above because they are visually disturbing. If you liked Cannibal Holocaust or anything like that then you might like this. On a scale from 1 being close to an a-list Hollywood film to 5 being the cheesiest film of all time I am giving the film a 3.5 because of the those last 15 minutes.

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