Motorhead_-_Ace_Of_Spades-frontTo think that the legendary Motörhead had released three albums prior to the recording of Ace Of Spades, but none of their albums had been released in the United States. Ace Of Spades was the first Motörhead record to ever be released in the US via Mercury Records on November 8, 1980. The band which featured the legendary Lemmy Kilmister (Bass, Vocals), who had once been a roadie for Jimi Hendrix and had played in the band Hawkwind prior to Motörhead. The band also featured the great “Fast” Eddie Clark (Guitars), and Phil “Philthy Animal” Taylor (Drums) to round out the legendary lineup. The album was produced by Vic Maile, who the band claims that he had made them better musicians and Lemmy has stated that Vic made him sing more on this record than usual. The album peaked at number 4 for Motörhead on the UK charts and has since been re-released a dozen times after that.

342834The album opens up with the iconic overdriven bass line by Lemmy on the title track before the band kicks in on a track all about gambling and card games hence the name Ace Of Spades. Love Me Like A Reptile kicks off with it’s cool rock and roll tone while Lemmy gets pretty sexual with his lyrics. For example, “I like to watch your body sway, I got no choice, I’m gonna twist your tail.” Shoot You In The Back is very similar to Ace Of Spades exploring the wild west theme in the lyrics with it’s in your face heavy rock groove. Live To Win opens with another iconic bass riff from Lemmy while “Fast” Eddie Clark gets his rock and roll Chuck Berry riffs out of his system. Fast And Loose has a rock riff that is very similar to Cat Scratch Fever by Ted Nugent  in the beginning of it, but I bet you can guess what the lyrics are referring to in the track. (We Are) The Roadcrew closes out side one of the record and it’s a song that Lemmy recorded in tribute to all of the little people in the music business that do not get enough recognition in the road crew.

motorhead_-_ace_of_spades_-_backFire Fire kicks off side two of the record with it’s in your face rock and roll approach with some of the best lyrics I have read in a long time. For example, “Fire, Fire! Holocaust, Fire, Fire! Given up for lost, Fire, Fire! Strike one, strike two, Fire, Fire! I’m a match for you.” Jailbait is an all time classic by Motörhead that has been covered by different artists over the years about a young girl that is seen backstage at a show that the person saying the lyrics is looking to get with even though she may be Jailbait. Dance I feel is a tribute to Lemmy’s love of old rock and roll like Chuck Berry, Little Richard, and so many others before him. Bite The Bullet is an in your face sonic face melter about someone who is sick and tired of worrying about the significant other so their biting the bullet and taking off. The Chase Is Better Than The Catch is one of those songs that teaches you a valuable life lesson about how sometimes chasing the girl is better than the actual catch and you have to love that driving bass line throughout the song. The Hammer is the last track on the record that makes me believe where people may have mistaken Motörhead for a punk rock band, but it’s just good ol’ fashion rock and roll baby. This is definitely one of the essential albums to own from Motörhead besides every other album in their catalogue, but this is definitely a good first step. I am giving the record 4.2 stars out of five for a final grade.


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