Marilyn Manson Says New Album Ready To Land

Posted: September 2, 2014 in Rock And Metal News
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Marilyn Manson, the antichrist superstar has been busy in a different form of media as Manson tackles acting with a guest spot in the new season of Sons Of Anarchy (which is the last season). We’ve seen Manson play some incredible roles in films like Party Monster, a cameo in Jawbreaker as well as some small acting roles in Calfornication and Eastbound & Down. Before all these TV appearances Marilyn had rejuvenated his music career with the brilliant release of Born Villain back in 2012 and to keep the momentum going from that release, Marilyn announced in a tweet from the set of SOA that a new album was ready to land. That has me excited besides the fact that I cannot wait to see Marilyn in the season of Sons as a white supremacist. For now, we’ll have to wait to see what else Manson tweets out as far as announcements are on the new record and stay tuned for the new season of Sons to premiere on September 9TH on FX.

manson tweet


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