A Pissed Off Ex-Band Member May Have Revealed New Slipknot Drummer

Posted: September 19, 2014 in Rock And Metal News
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A little while ago everyone suspected that Chris Adler of Lamb Of God was the new Slipknot drummer until he squashed those rumors. So, we were left wondering when was Slipknot going to reveal that info and who would be the man to replace the legendary Joey Jordison who may have been booted out for substance abuse issues. Well, Against Me! lead singer Laura Jane Grace may have revealed that identity in an angry Twitter post. Check out exhibit A:

exhibit a

Does that mean that former Madball and Against Me! drummer Jay Weinberg, son of E Street band drummer Max Weinberg is the new drummer in Slipknot? Well, if exhibit A is legit, then it may be all the proof we need to prove that he is the new drummer in Slipknot. Well, if Laura Jane Grace didn’t sound bitter enough in exhibit A, check out all these angry tweets that she posted on Twitter right afterwards for Exhibit B:


She doesn’t all at all sound angry or bitter when she tweeted those last night. Well, if Slipknot wanted to keep it a surprise for the fans, Laura Jane Grace ruined it for everyone. We still have to wait for a conformation or a response from Weinberg on Twitter to see if he clears it up. For now, we can speculate as we always will until the band themselves confirm it.


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