fright nightI believe a couple of years back I covered the remake of Fright Night with Colin Farrell for Eddie’s 31 Days Of Halloween and so I decided to cover the original film for this years edition. Tom Holland, the man behind the Child’s Play movies as well as some other classic horror flicks took the directors chair for this classic that stars William Ragsdale (The Reaping) as Charlie Brewster, a regular kid with regular problems like trigonometry and girlfriend problems. Those are the toughest challenges that Charlie faces until a vampire named Jerry (Chris Sarandon) moves next door to him. Charlie sees some weird things like the butler bringing a coffin into the basement and see’s Jerry pull out the old chompers. Murders are also happening in Charlies town and after recognizing one of the victims, Charlie believes that Jerry is a vampire and he tries to convince everyone, but nobody will believe him.After many attempts he finally get the help of a late night horror host name Peter Vincent (Roddy McDowall) as the two of them try to eradicate the world of the deadly creature of the night. The film also stars Stephen Geoffreys (976-Evil) as Evil Ed, Amanda Bearse (Married With Children) as Amy, Jonathan Stark (According To Jim) as Billy Cole, Dorothy Fielding (The Pursuit Of D.B. Cooper) as Judy Brewster, Art Evans (Metro) as Detective Lennox, and Bob Corff (Kick Ass) as Jonathan.

Fright Night Collage copyThere is a reason why I have always believed that the sparkling vampires of Twilight almost ruined the genre and that is because they had no sex appeal to them. Vampires always had sex appeal and charisma which is evident by the directors choice of the amazing Chris Sarandon. Sarandon brings everything to the table that is needed by a vampire which is charisma, sex appeal, and with because after all they are immortal and very powerful beings. Anytime this film is on TV, I always stop what I am doing to watch this film because it is honestly one of my favorites. Roddy McDowall is brilliant as Peter Vincent more so than the remake because he is a classy vampire killer. Some of the scenes where they kill whoever it is is pretty amazing and the scene where Vincent stabs the wolf version of Evil Ed is fantastic because the transformation scene is fantastic. Even the scene when one of the characters melts away is fantastic and I love all the jump cuts they use within the melting sequence. We all remember that Al Bundy use to make fun of Amanda Bearse’s character on that show and how he found her unattractive, but when she is in Jerry’s lair and she is dressed in that white dress, she looks sexy enough to me. This is a classic film that saw itself and it’s sequel both get remade in the 2000’s, But I want everyone to know that nothing touches the original. I am going to give this film an A because it is that awesome and let this be a lesson to all the Twilight fans too. It is available for viewing on Netflix as we speak so check it out if you’ve got it.

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