Ouija_2014_posterI had heard nothing, but bad things about this film and how Michael Bay was turning all of the famous Hasbro board games into films, but what people do not realize is that there have been other films that have explored the use of Ouija boards like all of the Witchboard films and a film entitled Satan’s Blood that I have reviewed all for Cheeseball Cinema. The world famous Ouija board which was first introduced by businessman Elijah Bond back in 1890 is something that has intrigued people and divided people based on what it can supposedly do. When Bond introduced it, it was considered harmless until American spiritualist Pearl Curran popularized it as a way to communicate with the other side during World War 1 which brings us back to the film directed by special effects guru Stiles White (Jurassic Park 3). The film centers on a group of friends that want to contact a friend named Deb (Shelley Hennig) who had committed suicide to find out why. What they don’t realize is that they conjured a spirit like no other through the Ouija board that they’ll have to figure out how to get rid of before it’s too late. The film stars Olivia Cooke (The Quiet Ones) as Laine, Ana Coto (DisCONNECTED) as Sarah, Daren Kagasoff (The Secret Life Of The American Teenager) as Trevor, Bianca A. Santos (The Fosters) as Isabelle, Douglas Smith (Big Love) as Pete, Lin Shaye (Insidious: Chapter 2) as Paulina Zander, Claudia Katz (The Black Dahlia) as Mother, Sunny May Allison (Cooties) as Doris, and one of my favorites from the 80’s in Robin Lively (Teen Witch) as Mrs. Galardi.

ouija-movie-picture-16I have to be perfectly honest with everyone regarding this film because the only way you’ll find this film terrifying is if your 13 years old and a female. I’m not trying to be sexist when I say that, but I did not find any part of the film terrifying at all. The movie was a fun experience, but it failed to do what The Conjuring or even the Insidious films did and that was to have real terrifying moments. I was expecting to have those fun-house moments when someone pops out of nowhere to scare the living daylights out of you, but that just wasn’t present here. There was nothing wrong withe the acting or the cinematography in this film, it just was a major letdown in my opinion. They could have done so much more with the characters they had and they could have made it scarier, but when you’re faced with a PG-13 rating there is only so much you can do. Don’t be swayed by my words if you were planning to see it because it was a fun film to watch, just not scary. Lin Shaye is terrific in this film playing a mental patient with a motive so wait until you see that and Robin Lively basically made a cameo in this film as all parents are a non-presence in this film. I also do believe that Olivia Cooke did carry the film as well as she is the main star after all. She was the glue for the film because she kept it all together. For a final grade, I am going to give the film a B- only because it didn’t bore the crap out of me and for the fact that it was fun to watch and critique. Mess with a Ouija board if you dare, but remember the consequences and that it carries a heavy burden.

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