Music Video Of The Week: All Bad Things by Motley Crue

Posted: February 5, 2015 in Music Video Of The Week
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As most of you already know that I am a huge Motley Crue fan since I was three years old and that is not a lie. I’m 33 years old now and the Crue have been around a little longer than that, but that hasn’t stopped them from tearing it up. The band last year announced that they were going to call it a day saying that “all bad things must end.” The band said that you may in the future see new Crue songs (not albums), but they would never tour again after the last tour date in December of this year unless all the members agreed to do it. As is the case with most of their last few tours the band has written new music for each tour as you can remember before the final tour announcement, Sex was the latest song from the band. For the final tour, the band wrote the track All Bad Things which coincides with what the band had been saying in the press conference. The band has also released a music video for the track and that is why it is this week’s Music Video Of The Week. The video for the song is a retrospective video that shows you footage from when they got together all the way through all the albums which show all their transformations with each album. It’s cool to see footage of them in the Shout At The Devil days all the way through Dr. Feelgood and the current time.You get to see all the hi-jinks that Nikki and Tommy were always up to as well as seeing the new rig they brought along on the tour. Check out the band and say goodbye before they “leave” forever and in the meantime check out the video below:

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