no grammys 2In an article that I posted before, I wasn’t planning on talking about the Grammys too much because I don’t respect them for the fact that they either don’t respect the metal genre enough to have it announced on the show live or they get it wrong by handing off to the wrong band when it comes to best metal performance. In 1988, they did it to Metallica by giving it to Jethro Tull and now in 2015 at the 57TH Annual Grammy awards they did it again by handing it to Tenacious D instead of either Mastodon (High Road) or Slipknot (The Negative One). I thought Slipknot was going to be a sure lock considering the band came back with their first album post Paul Gray and it was amazing. Mastodon also recorded an amazing record and they too were snubbed. Tenacious D records a cover of a Ronnie James Dio song and they win the award. The last time I checked these guys were a comedic duo who are not to be taken seriously as a metal band, but do you think the Academy knows that? The comedic duo also beat out Motorhead (Heartbreaker) and Anthrax’s cover of Neon Knights. This is why I thank Revolver Magazine for creating The Golden God Awards because the Academy behind the Grammy’s does not respect the Metal genre and they haven’t for years.


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