Music Video Of The Week: Paralyzed by In Flames

Posted: March 20, 2015 in Music Video Of The Week
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“First, I don’t like describing this song, because when you are watching this or listening to the album, you’ll be, ‘Okay, that’s what it is,’ because I want it to mean something for you. But “Paralyzed,” I think, it’s something that we, as In Flames are known for these days. There’s a groovy verse and a big big chorus. I think it sounds great. It’s meant to be listened to loud.” That is what In Flames frontman Anders Friden said about the track Paralyzed as the band has unveiled a brand new music video for the track which is solely a performance based video in front of an insane crowd. In an interview with popular rock/metal website Loudwire, Friden talked about the new album Siren Charms as he said, “It was a challenging album to record because we used half the time we did last time, but at the same time we went away to a very nice, legendary studio and it’s great to be part of that — being there, doing the album in Hansa Berlin. You know, I feel this is where we are today, and we always try to bring everything that we have done with us, but at the same time we want to take our songs further and wider and forward and we never look to the past and said, ‘Oh this is wrong, now it should be this and or that.’ I feel we have everything right now where we are, as people, you know? So, I guess it represents the five members right now in the life, where we are.” In Flames are currently on tour with Wovenwar and All That Remains, but a second leg kicks off April 26TH when they hit the road again with All That Remains and Periphery. Check out the video below:


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