In This Corner: Marta Gabriel of Crystal Viper

Posted: March 23, 2015 in In This Corner
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crystalBack on the old site, I had interviewed some artists before I closed down the blog site and regretfully I never transferred over the interviews from that blog onto this one. That is OK because I have recovered the interviews from the In This Corner segment and I have them here for you now. The first interview I did for In This Corner was with Marta Gabriel of Polish heavy metal band Crystal Viper. The band had just released their fifth studio album Possession and she took the time to sit down and talk to me about the new record among other things. So, let’s check out the interview below:

Me: The new album is called Possession and it’s a concept record. How did you come up with the concept of the new record?

Marta: Before I started to work on a “Possesion”, I already knew it will be a concept story. I read few books, seen a bunch of  good movies, heard few amazing stories and got inspired by this theme. As I thought it’s a good topic, I decided to write a concept album about – let’s say – possesion, as it’s not typical ghost/exorcism story, it has an unexpected twist, which can surprise the listener pretty much when everything is getting clearer and clrearer with each next song…

Me: Was there any elements outside of music that influenced the writing process for the new album?

Marta: There’s always something outside music, that inspire me while I’m writing new songs. It can be a good book, the weather, my mood or my imagination. Of course music is also very important, and this is what we’re talking about, but as an artist, I’m like a “sponge”, I absorb everything I hear and see around me, and in this huge stream there’s always something that brings new notes and sounds to my head, and this brings new songs to life. There’s always something playing in my head.

Me: If you had to pick a favorite track(s) on the record, what would they be and why?

Crystal-Viper-Possession-coverMarta: There are two: “We Are Many” and “Prophet Of The End”. I can’t tell you why these two are my favourite ones, maybe because of their melodies, maybe because of the lyrics, I don’t know… But the truth is when I listen to “Prophet Of The End” I feel that this is the best song I’ve ever composed.

Me: I think it’s every fans dream to be able to scream on a record by their favorite band, how did you decide to do that and what do you think of the results?

Marta: I’ve always wanted to do something like that, we love our fans, the truth is if there would be no fans, there would be no music at all, no Heavy Metal and no Crystal Viper. Except that, we – all members of Crystal Viper – are die hard fans of Metal, we love a lot of bands, we keep on buying albums, t-shirts, we travel to live shows and festivals as fans. We thought it would be something really cool to do something like that, something different – you know, everyone can buy a CD or a t-shirt, but how often can you find your name in the album booklet, and say to your friends “listen, it’s me on this album!”? I don’t know if any band did it before, at least I haven’t heard about something like that.

Me: You’ve covered everyone from Virgin Steele, W.A.S.P., and even Accept. How do you guys decide on what song to cover for an album if you do choose to cover a song?

Marta: It’s not that easy, believe me, haha! Everyone in Crystal Viper listen to a lot of different music, from classical genres to black and death metal, so there’s always a lot of totally different ideas for a cover song. But at the end we choose songs that would fit the album, and a song that we all really like – and this is how it was with Riot’s “Thundersteel”. We all really adore this one, and I think that this is one of the best songs in heavy metal, and what else, if you follow the lyrics on our new album, you will notice that lyrics from “Thundersteel” can be like kind of continuation of something, what happened, or better, something that got revealed  in “Prophet Of The End”. But going back to cover songs, there are so many great and beautiful songs that we would love to record in the future, you know, we all are fans of music, it’s a lot of fun when you can play with your own band songs of your favourite artists, it’s amazing!

Me: You have such a wide variety of covers, who were your major influences as a guitar player and vocalist?

Marta: From vocalists most important ones have always been for me Tony Martin, Rob Halford, Doro, Leather Leone, Eric Adams, David DeFeis… My favourite guitarists are mighty Glenn Tipton, Mike Oldfield and Eddie Van Halen!

Me: In the last ten years, a lot of metal bands that have female lead singers has been rising in numbers, what do you believe contributed to this and is this a sign that Metal is no longer just the boys club?

Marta: I wouldn’t say that metal have ever been only boys club, and what else, I think that in classic metal we have less numbers of women than for example in the 80’s. Of course there are a lot of rock, gothic and symphonic female fronted bands, but in heavy metal and classic rock, there are aren’t that many. Who remember such great bands like Rock Goddess, The Runaways, Warlock, Vixen, Acid, Blacklace, Zed Yago, or Wendy O Williams, to list only few? I still hope that there will be more and more women in the future, who are ready to rock!

Me: Lastly, I want to thank you for taking the time for this interview, after the album is released what are the future plans for Crystal Viper as far as touring is concerned? Can we expect a US run?

Marta: We would love to play in the USA, but it depends of the promoters, if they invite us, or not. If it would depends of us, we would play 365 liveshows a year, on every continent. Thank you very much for making this interview, and for your support! We are Metal Nation!

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