pedalOne of the divisions that absolutely makes me laugh is the heavy metal division and I’ll explain it to you. The first round featured you (the voters) having the ability to vote multiple times in a day and that pissed people off because one artist was losing to another. I change it in the next round that you are only allowed to vote once a day and people are still pissed off and blaming the tournament because one band’s fans showed up and voted for their favorite artist. You just can’t win, but the show must go on. So in the heavy metal division, Iron Maiden easily dispatched of Dio by gaining 500+ votes more than Dio. Savatage pulled off one of the biggest upsets in the first round, but their luck ran out on them as Accept and their fans showed up in style as they won by a huge margin. In the hard rock/hair metal division, AC/DC proved their brand of rock and roll was superior to Motley Crue’s winning 131 to 62. Cinderella’s fans always showed up for the band when the time was right last year and it looked like they were about to do the same, but their luck also ran out in this round as the Scorpions move on to the next round. The thrash division featured some great matches and like Savatage, Death Angel pulled off a huge upset win over Metallica, but they met their match against the mighty Testament who won by gaining 69% of the votes. One of the tightest matches of both rounds came as Megadeth and Slayer’s match was decided a whopping two votes as Slayer moves on to the next round. The extreme metal division also featured a match that looked like it was going to come down to the wire, but Venom squeaked ahead an never looked back as they defeated Death. Celtic Frost had no chance as they were easily dispatched by Kreator. There you go, the elite 8 has been decided as we quickly approach the final four. Stay tuned as I’ll post the next round’s matches very soon.


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