fitI’m the type of music fan that loves discovering new music even if it’s not that new to you and most likely it isn’t. Nevertheless, I traveled to the Warped Tour website to see who was touring on this years festival as far as metal acts were concerned when I came across the name Fit For A King. The band from Dallas, Texas released their debut album Creation/Destruction back in 2013 to a lot of critical acclaim as the album found itself at number three on the Billboard Heatseekers chart and quickly became Solid State Records highest selling album. The band returned in 2014 with their follow up Slave To Nothing which features some balls to the wall, in your face, and unforgiving sound and today I am featuring their track Young & Undeserving as the single of the week. The track has it all as far as intensity with a very melodic sensibility at times with the clean vocals thrown in there. Don’t be alarmed by the fact that they are a Christian Metal band because these guys bring just as much intensity as a non-christian metal band. I am now a big fan of there’s after listening to some tracks off their record and I look forward to seeing them on The Warped Tour. To find out if there playing in a city near you on the Warped Tour, just visit the website here. Check them out below:


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