Tuesday Stand Up: Aziz Ansari Live At Madison Square Garden (2015)

Posted: March 24, 2015 in Stand Up Special Review
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aziz 3One of my top 5 comedians of today in Aziz Ansari is back once again and he has written and directed a new comedy special with Netflix which seems to be the leader in stand up comedy specials these days. For Aziz’s new comedy special, he recorded it from one of the most hollowed grounds in New York City for his comedy special Aziz Ansari: Live At Madison Square Garden. While the comedy special is heavily focused on relationships, he also tackles issues like the struggle his parents or any immigrant goes through when coming to America for the first time, eating meat vs being a vegetarian, Ja Rule doing PSA’s on animal cruelty, as well as creepy dudes vs creepy women (and how they don’t exist), and why technology has ruined the way we interact with one another whether it’s trying to form relationships or hanging with friends and he even has a cool moment with a lucky fan in the audience. The special is available right now on Netflix to stream.

aziz 4The comedy special starts off with some unique cowboy music as Aziz makes his way onto the stage and he starts off the show with a bang. I have always been a big fan of the way Aziz delivers his comedy and he definitely doesn’t disappoint on this one. One of my favorite segments on the comedy special is when he is talking about creepy women and why they simply do not exist like no one walks up to you and says that some creepy woman walked up to you and whipped out her vagina and you ran away scared. You can also relate to a lot of his material especially if you are a single guy trying to survive in the cell phone/smartphone era. Another moment that I mentioned a little above is the lucky fan he interacted with when he read her texts on stage to everyone n the audience. She was a great sport and how many times can you say that happened to you? I definitely recommend checking out this special if you are a fan of Aziz so I am giving the special an A for a final grade.

aziz 2 aziz


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