janesWhile the 2015 Pedal To The Metal Tournament may be going on as we speak, I wanted to travel outside of the metal world for this week’s album of the week. In the 80’s, there was another movement that was forming around the country that was outside of the metal genre completely and it was gaining steam with fans. The name of the movement was called the alternative rock movement and LA Alt-rock group Jane’s Addiction was spearheading the movement right into the mainstream with the release of their debut studio album Nothing’s Shocking which is in the book 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You DieThe album was released on August 23, 1988 via Warner Brothers and the album quickly gained critical success even though it peaked on the Billboard Charts at number 103 and number six on the Billboard Modern Rock Tracks for the song Jane Says in 1988. The band which was made up of Perry Farrell (Vocals), Dave Navarro (Guitar), Eric Avery (Bass), and Stephen Perkins (Drums) all contributed to the record in their own unique way. Navarro was quoted about the writing process saying that, “Some came from Eric’s bass lines, some from guitar, some came from Perry, some came from drum riffs, and some just came from free-form jams. There was really no formula.”

1. Up The Beach– The song starts off very warm and inviting before the band kicks in and it seems like controlled chaos wrapped into something beautiful and serene as Farrell repeats the words home. I feel like this is a song you could put on when you reach paradise. 4/5

2. Ocean Size– This was the band’s third single that they had released off the album and it’s one filled with epic rock riffs as he sings about wishing he was a stronger person like the ocean, but being strong enough not to hurt anyone like the ocean with the beach. 4/5

nothings_shocking_silver_u_card3. Had A Dad– This was a track that Avery wrote and he also wrote the conceptual lyrics about discovering his biological father that Farrell would eventually run with. 4/5

4. Ted, Just Admit It…– This 7 minute long opus starts with Perkins playing his kit before Avery comes in with a cool bass riff. The song also features an opening quote from Ted Bundy admitting how watching pornography and violence on TV warped his mind. So you can figure what this song is about because we live in a world that is desensitized to violence. The music is pretty bad ass as well with all the tempo changes throughout the track. 4/5

5. Standing In The Shower…– The lyrics to this track are simple if you think about it, but’s brilliant because it’s about all the things that go through his head when he takes a shower. The music is rocking, but it has that typical alternative sound with elements of ska as far as tempo. 4/5

6. Summertime Rolls– Avery wrote the song and created the guitar parts for this track whose lyrics could reference that moment in every relationship where things seem perfect. The song’s tempo is slow and steady and very ominous and serene. 4/5

7. Mountain Song– Perhaps one of the most famous tracks on the record for that iconic opening, thumping bass riff before the song explodes into action in a track that would make Zeppelin proud.  5/5

8. Idiots Rule– This is the ska like rock track on the record that also features Flea from The Red Hot Chili Peppers on Trumpet as the band sings about how the people in power are idiots. 4/5

Eric-Avery-Really-Quits-Janes-Addiction9. Jane Says– This is the iconic track from Jane’s Addiction about a friend of Perry who is the namesake of the band and it’s muse. The song also features references to drugs and kicking the habit while Stephen Perkins plays the steel drums while Navarro plays the same two chords for most of the track. 5/5

10. Thank You Boys– The 1 minute track has a swing feel to it while he simply says thank you boys. 3/5

11. Pig’s in Zen– the track features a kick ass funk like riff to it in a track where Perry reveals his envy over how pigs live there lives. He believes that there no care attitude makes them close to zen then him. 4/5

My Final Thoughts– This is the definite favorite album of the four Jane’s Addiction have released in their career and it’s a cool change in pace as you sit back and enjoy the noise. The album’s hero is definitely Eric Avery with his amazing bass playing that clearly made the album great. I am giving the record 4 stars out of five for a final grade.


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