bruce lee fights back from the graveFor today’s Ass Whoopin Wednesday film, I was looking to choose one that starred Bruce Li who tried to take over in Hong Kong as the next martial arts action star and as I was searching I cam across something that caught my attention. I see in the suggested titles “Bruce Lee Fights Back From The Grave” and it features really cool poster art to go with it. So, I watched the film and it’s basically about two brothers named Han Ji-Hyeok and Wong Hang (Bruce K.L. Lea). They are two completely different people as Wong believes in honor while Han wants to make some serious money. So, Han decides that he’s going to move to America to make some serious money and he is successful or at least that is what it seems to look like to Wong. Wong travels to Los Angeles to see his brother when he discovers that Han is dead. So, Wong declares that he’ll do whatever it takes to track down the men that killed his brother. The film also stars Deborah Dutch (Hard To Die) as Susan and the film was directed by Doo-yong Lee. Before we get into the review of the film lets check out some of the stats.


blfbftg stats











bruce lee fSo, I do want to remind you guys that there is only one scene that has anything to do with Bruce Lee in this film and that is the image of an impersnator jumping out of the grave after it is struck by lightning. After that, it switches to the story that I described above in this Bruceploitation (yes that was a real thing) film. I truly believe directors would use titles like this to sucker people into the films at the local grindhouse. As far s the film is concerned and the stats, he has 20 1/2 knockouts/kills in the film and five of them come against what I thought were the big bosses, but you’ll b surprised to see who that ends up being in this film. I also love the fact that when he was defeating one of the bog bosses, the scene would go in slow motion. His love interest in the film is Susan and she is constantly in danger in the film and she’s constantly getting hurt. As far as the technical aspects were concerned, it was a very choppy film with bad angles and bad lighting to go with a mediocre screenwriting. It was all over the place at times, but what do you expect from these films. Overall, I am going to give the film three fists out of five even though the fight choreography was a little off as well ,but it was still fun to watch.



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