pedalIt was the divisional finals and again some drama brewed between the fans, but it was a good kind of drama as everyone showed their support for their favorite bands. We have the results of the Divisional Finals and some may shock you while others really shouldn’t have. In the hard rock/hair metal division, AC/DC had no problem dispatching the Scorpions 111 to 66 to earn their spot in the final four. The Heavy Metal divisional final lived up to the hype as the fans once again showed up in droves and I want to take the time to thank Accept once again for sharing the post on their page. I really appreciate it and it definitely made the contest interesting. Unfortunately, they could beat Iron Maiden in the heavy metal divisional final as Maiden took it 1911 to 1473. In the extreme metal division, Kreator was able to slay the Godfathers of Black Metal Venom 91 to 43 while in the thrash metal division, Slayer proved they were the ultimate thrash metal band beating Testament 93 to 54. The final four is set as AC/DC will take on Iron Maiden while Slayer takes on Kreator. Again, I want to thank everyone that participated in the tournament by voting and commenting on the posts. I hope that I can see all of you once again in the final four and I want to thank all the bands as well for being great sports.

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