For today’s Soundtrack Saturday track, I decided to pick a song from one of my favorite bands who is also happening to release a new album in 2015 which is Faith No More. The band is gearing up to release their album Sol Invictus on May 19TH, but for right now, we are diving into their catalog to check out the track The Perfect Crime. The Perfect Crime appeared in The Bill And Ted’s Bogus Journey film which was released back in 1991. The film starred Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter reprising their roles as Bill and Ted, but in this film they were battling evil clones of themselves. The track The Perfect Crime appears in the part when both Bill and Teds head to Vasquez Rocks park in the van. The song is everything you would want from a Faith No More track with Mike Patton’s signature pitch changes through out the track matched with the sick funk bass line. The band was still touring for The Real Thing while they were preparing to write and release Angel Dust so you get the best of both worlds right in this track. Check out the track below and check out the film because rumor has it that they are close to making the third film in the series.


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