pedalIt s the match that you have all been waiting and voting for since day one in the 2015 Pedal To The Metal Tournament. When I started this tournament back in 2011 while I was doing my radio show, I only dreamed that the tournament would reach the numbers it has today. This year, we are going to crown a new champion because you all voted so that a new champion would be crowned. Motley Crue won the first addition of the tournament and Judas Priest went back to back the next two tournaments after that. Now German Thrash legends and member of The Big Teutonic Four Kreator is looking to win against a tough foe in NWOBHM (New Wave Of British Heavy Metal) and power metal legends Iron Maiden. Both of these bands have been going for 30 plus years in the metal world and both have showed no signs of slowing down. Kreator had it’s beginnings in Essen, Germany where they started as Tormentor before changing their name to Kreator as they released their first album Endless Pain and now in 2015 the band is thirteen albums deep with the 2012 bad ass release Phantom Antichrist as the last album to date. Iron Maiden’s road started in the 1970’s when Steve Harris started the band in 1975 in East London. Despite some lineup changes, the band has stayed steadfast in the metal world with their legendary frontman Bruce Dickinson (he joined in 1981) who played on smash records as The Number Of The Beast, Powerslave, Somewhere In Time and so on and so fourth. The rest speaks for itself, but who are you guys going to choose as the next Pedal To The Metal Champions. You have until April 2ND at 4PM ET to decide. (Side Note: I hope everyone votes for whose music they enjoy more and not who is more “Popular” in “Mainstream” terms. This is about the music)

kreator vs iron maiden

  1. Hany Abd ElRahman says:



  2. Jos says:

    I love Kreator, but Maiden is MAIDEN!!!


  3. Darryl Smith says:

    Kreator is a great band and I actually rather listen to them than iron maiden most of the time but you can’t compare the two. Iron maiden is one of the biggest bands in music in general. You can buy stock in the band or should I say brand ! They are openly traded publicly on the stock exchange for Christ sake..
    Not to say that Kreator does not deserve their due but up against a giant like iron maiden ???
    Come on now . This is an unfair match up.

    Darryl Smith
    Grand mal Dee .. ( seizure crypt )
    Deranged beats


  4. Irvin Lopez says:

    Maiden is a legend but i like more kreator than Maiden 7u7


  5. dave says:

    Kreator me gusta mas… iron maiden ya no me atraen sus ultimos discos.


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