1Chris Motionless and his band Motionless In White rocked their way into Philadelphia last night (March 29, 2015) at The Theater Of Living Arts with openers For Today, New Years Day, and Ice Nine Kills as they came to drop their brand of metal on the masses who sold out the theater. The concert was broadcast live on the internet as part of Yahoo Live’s concert series that they bring to us almost everyday. The crowd that night was a mixture of all ages in the crowd, but the crowd was relatively young. They were anxiously awaiting the metalcore titans who were on their The Beyond The Barricade Tour and supporting their smash 2014 release Reincarnate as it was the last night of the tour as well. The stage setup that was revealed to us showed off the band’s taste for gothic horror/romance equipped with candles for a cathedral vibe and a bassist who plays on stage with a Leatherface mask and carries a chainsaw with him onstage. The question of the night was if the crowd was ready for Motionless’s high octane performances.

3The band stormed on stage with Death March as the got the crowd started on their metal madness and the crowd was into it as well. That is one of the elements of the night that I noticed because the band was heavily in tuned with their crowd as both supported each other all night whether it was crowd pumper Reincarnate or Generation Lost. The band would continue their no mercy attitude with Puppets 3 (The Grand Finale). and you knew the energy levels would be up all night as it was a hometown show and Chris made sure that we all knew. One of the things I liked about Chris besides some of the corny jokes he told on stage was the fact that he interacted with the crowd all night like a front man is supposed to do and he did a great job doing it. The crowd certainly appreciated it and he also made it a point to interact with the crowd watching at home on the internet. The band blazed through the tracks Creatures, Puppets (The First Snow), America, Everybody Sells Cocaine, before they invited Spencer Charnas of Ice Nine Kills on stage to do the track Abigail.

11The band would follow that with a cover of Rammstein’s breakthrough track Du Hast which was very cool to hear. I love when bands cover songs on their tours because it gives us an insight into what that artist enjoys. The band also invited New Years Day singer Ashley Costello onstage to perform the track Contemptress that was hot and heavy. Chris Motionless would then give a heartfelt speech about how he met every band that played on this tour with them and how grateful he was. The band would close out the set with Immaculate Conception before coming back on stage for one encore which was Devil’s Night. I had never really paid attention to Motionless In White before this show, but I have to say that impressed with their energy and the intensity of their music on the live setting and the quality of the sounds were actually very good. This is definitely a band that you must check out if you’re into the metalcore scene that we’ve seen live on in this decade. Check out the set list below and some pics from the show:

Set List 

1. Death March

2. Reincarnate

3. Generation Lost

4. Puppets 3 (The Grand Finale)

5. Creatures

6. Puppets (The First Snow)

7. America

8. Everybody Sells Cocaine

9. Abigail

10. Dead As Fuck

11. Du Hast

12. Break The Cycle

13. Unstoppable

14. Contemptress

15. Immaculate Misconception


16. Devil’s Night

2 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 12 13 14 15 16



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