marked for deathBefore we moved on with any other action or martial arts star, I wanted to make sure that I included one of my favorite martial arts stars from back in the day in Steven Seagal (Above The Law). The film we chose for today is Marked For Death and in the film Seagal plays Chicago DEA Agent John Hatcher. John Hatcher is one of the best in the business and unfortunately he witnesses the death of his partner during one of the undercover missions. Due to his death, John decides that he is going to hang it up and call it a day. He wants to use to the time to catch up with family and some old friends that is until he mistakenly gets in the way of some Jamaican drug dealers and their most feared leader Screwface (Basil Wallace). Screwface will stop at nothing to eliminate Hatcher and his family as he as marked them for death. So, John has to figure out a way to stop and kill Screwface so that the posse will stop going after his family. The film also stars Keith David (They Live) as Max, Tom Wright (Murder At 1600) as Charles, Joanna Pacula (Tombstone) as Leslie, Elizabeth Gracen (The Death Of The Incredible Hulk) as Bette Ford (Sudden Impact) as Kate Hatcher, Danielle Harris (Halloween 4: The Return Of Michael Myers) as Tracey, Kevin Dunn (Warrior) as Lt. Sal Roselli, and the film was directed by Dwight H. Little (Halloween 4: The Return Of Michael Myers). Before we get into the review of the film, let’s check out some stats.

Marked For Death Stats










marked-for-deathThis is definitely in my top 5 list as far as Steven Seagal movies are concerned and some of the fight scenes in this film are just epic. One of my favorite fight scenes comes after John crashes some of the posse into the jewelry store and he goes in after them and he kicks the crap out of three of them. You expected a little bit more out of the scene in Jamaica when he goes after Screwface, but it was cool nonetheless. He has 25 kills/knockouts in the film, but he essentially he had 24 with two half kills which equals one (hence making it 25). He doesn’t really have an origin story and there is no love interest to speak of in this film. As far as friends, family, and love interests getting hurt, he loses a partner, they hurt his niece, and they end up killing another partner later on in the film. Spoiler alert: if you don’t want to know who the two bosses are then do not read any further. As far as the Big Boss is concerned, there are two of them because that is how they roll and fool everyone, but yes he gets the job done.  What always made Steven Seagal special was the fact that he was a 7TH dan black belt in Akido and he used it in his films and that made him unique to everyone else on the scene at the time. You should definitely check out the film if you’ve never seen a early Seagal film and I am going to give this film 4 fists out of five for a final grade.


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