record breakerWhenever one starts a blog, they start in hopes that they’ll find people that are like minded as them or enjoy the same things that they do. You also hope that plenty of the masses will view your blog and that they will respect your opinion and get involved in fun activities that you place for them. Since I started Moshpits and Movies which was the successor to the blog Eddie’s Entertainment, we had some steady views here and there, but I never dreamed we would get the views that we did for the month of March. The views we had on the month of March shattered any previous month by a crap ton. Our best month maybe consisted of 1585 views which is basically nothing and it shot up to 38,499 for the month of March (that is an 2390% increase) and it’s due in large part to our March Madness style tournament The Pedal To The Metal Tournament. I started the Pedal To The Metal Tournament back when I was a senior in college in 2011 because I wanted to try something new and get involved in the March Madness craziness. I just never dreamed after four years, that it would go as crazy as this. I have to thank a couple of bands for helping me out with this and they are Accept and Kreator who are two of the coolest Metal bands on the scene today that are still repping Metal with pride. Without them sharing the status that contained the links, it wouldn’t have been as huge as it was and that is a fact. One day, I would love to interview Kreator and I would love to have the chance to interview Wolf Hoffman once again. I also want to thank everyone who clicked on those links and landed themselves on my blog and participated in the tournament because without you guys, none of this would have worked as well. So, again than you very much for making March a record shattering month. Cool fact, I never had this many views on Eddie’s Entertainment Blog either.


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