pedalIt is about that time that I announce the results of the championship match between Kreator and Iron Maiden, but I have a few things to say first. I want to start by thanking all the bands that participated in the tournament and the ones who were great sports about it. I also want to thank all of the thousands of you that came out and voted because there are those who will say that it was fixed, but the bottom line is that you showed up and voted and they can’t handle the fact that you didn’t vote for their favorite band. Yes there were matches that I was completely blindsided by when I saw the results, but what I am supposed to do with fans that showed up for their bands? Next, I want to thank any of the bands that shared the statuses every week on their Facebook pages and any where else they shared it because without that, this tournament probably would have been a dud. I knew we were guaranteed a new champion this year when Judas Priest was eliminated in the very first match and Motley Crue getting eliminated in the second round so it was safe to say that I was excited to see who it was going to be. As you all know, it was Iron Maiden, the winners of the heavy metal division taking on the champions of the extreme metal division Kreator in what promised to be a match of epic proportions. It didn’t let us down either as 2,265 votes were casted in the championship match with Kreator owning 1,170 and Iron Maiden having 1,095 making Kreator the 2015 Pedal To The Metal Tournament Champions. So, congratulations are in order to Kreator for winning the championship, they definitely deserved the win.

Kreator Champions

  1. Rick Sandoval says:

    Congradulations Kreator!


  2. dave says:

    Kreator has returned!!!!


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