A_Day_to_Remember,_Common_Courtesy_2013_albumI’m taking another break from reviewing metal albums this week to focus on some music outside of the metal genre, but never fear because we will return to Metal as soon as the tournament is over and done with (I am going to review an album from the winning band). The first time I saw A Day To Remember (referred to by fans on occasion as ADTR) was on the 2014 Revolver Golden God Awards when they performed live. I have to be honest and say that I do have a softer side to myself and I actually enjoyed listening to them that night. The album that I chose for the album of the week is their latest record Common Courtesy which was released digitally on October 13, 2013 and psychically on November 13 of the same year. The band is made up of Jeremy McKinnon (Vocals), Josh Woodard (Bass), Neil Westfall (Guitar), Alex Shelnutt (Drums), and Kevin Skaff (Lead Guitar and Vocals) and this was the Pop Punk/Metalcore band’s fifth album that they released and it was their first self released album. You have to give it to them for doing that because it’s a bold move, but the band was in a law suit with their former label Victory Records. The band had released this statement back in 2013 saying to Alt-Press, “A Day To Remember would like to make it clear that they did not announce nor seek any attention regarding their ongoing suit with Victory Records. This information has been public record since May of 2011 and they have no intention of speaking publicly or disparagingly regarding their disagreement with Victory. A Day To Remember will continue to release music for their fans.” Nevertheless, the band released it to critical acclaim as the album peaked at #37 on The Billboard Top 200, #5 On The Billboard Alternative Albums, #1 on the US Billboard Hard Rock Albums, #4 on the Billboard Independent Albums, and #8 on The Billboard Rock Albums.

Original Album Cover

Original Album Cover

1. City Of Ocala– The band does a great job of mixing that pop punk sound with the metalcore double bass riffs as they sing about their hometown of Ocala, Florida and all the memories and not forgetting where you came from. 4/5

2. Right Back At It Again– This was the band’s first single off the record and  it was almost excluded off the record. The song in the beginning showcases the band’s metalcore sound while the rest of the song is all pop punk. 4/5

3. Sometimes You’re the Hammer, Sometimes You’re the Nail– This was the last song the band wrote for the record in a track that I feel is about overcoming situations while also realizing that not everything goes your way. The song has the typical metalcore breakdowns with the screaming vocals, but it’s pretty bad ass and also has the softer vocals during the chorus. 4/5

4. Dead & Buried– This is a track that the band says needed minimal adjustments when they heard it. This track continues in the metalcore sound with a bad ass guitar riff. 4/5

5. Best Of Me– The band described this track as having a Foo Fighters feel to it and I have to agree as far as the song structure and the vocals on the chorus are concerned. 4/5

ADayToRemember20136. I’m Already Gone– This is a cool track that has a mix of acoustic with a a touch of electric in a track about a relationship that ended the wrong way. Once one of the partners (boy or girl) gets back on their feet, the other says no that they’ve already moved on. 5/5

7. Violence (Enough Is Enough)– McKinnon once said in a interview that the track was, “about different perspectives from the world and why people do terrible things to each other.” The band definitely turns the volume up from the last track to this one as they return to their metalcore roots. 4/5

8. Life @ 11– The band returns to a more pop punk sound for this track about not being afraid of your past and just move on. 4/5

9. I Surrender– A very cool track that was written four years ago, but McKinnon was never happy with some of the verses he had originally written, but he fixed it up for this record. The track is about surrendering to someone that you loved from your past because you realize that you do love them. 4/5

10. Life Lessons Learned the Hard Way– This is one of the heavier tracks on the record which the band admitted that they wanted. It’s pretty badass, but it’s a song about targeting the bullies who cause hurt to people. 4.5/5

CS513003-01B-BIG11. End Of Me– This is one of my favorite tracks on the record which has pop sensibility and the track is infectious. The track is about a relationship that the narrator realizes that he has probably lost the best thing he ever had. 5/5

12. The Document Speaks for Itself– This is a track about the lawsuit the band was going through with Victory Records. 4/5

13. I Remember– This is a track about all the crazy memories the band has gone through over the years while on the road over some pop punk sounds. 4/5

My Final Thoughts– This has a great mix of metalcore with pop punk that is infectious when you listen to it. As I said, I discovered them performing live at The Golden God Awards last year and I had to look them up and I have a lot of respect for a band that goes out on there own and releases their own album. I really enjoyed listening to the record and so I am going to give it four stars out of five for a final grade.


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