We have some of the most famous metal bands get covered in all of the weirdest ways that we never thought was either possible or would sound good. We’ve seen The Harp Twins cover Unforgiven on the harp and they have an album you can download with all covers of famous rock and metal songs here. We saw a group called Steve ‘N’ Seagulls cover tons of songs from Iron Maiden to AC/DC and we have even seen a banjo cover of Raining Blood by Rob Scallon on the internet as well which blew my mind by the way. We even saw a Medieval band from Belarus called Stary Olsa do a an amazing cover of One. What I have you guys today is a cover of another famous Black album Metallica track as Banjo Guy Ollie does a cover of Enter Sandman. The man does it all in the video that you’ll see as he blazes through the track with his banjo and he also uses a Mandolin on the track which is pretty bad ass as well. The thing about it is that the track sounds pretty cool as a banjo cover and people are starting to get creative with music to provide us with entertainment. I think it’s cool and you definitely need to check it out for yourselves and for more on Banjo Guy Ollie, visit his Facebook page here. He also other cool covers of different types of songs you can check out as well. Check out the song below:

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