jo koyFor today’s Tuesday Stand Up, I was looking to watch and review a comedian that I didn’t know any of his work per-say and thanks to the advice of a co-worker, I decided to check out the work of Los Angeles Filipino-American comedian Jo Koy. Jo Koy released a comedy special through Comedy Central (the home of great stand up comedy) called Jo Koy: Lights Out which was recorded at The Alex Theater in Glendale, California which was also his second stand up special ever.  In the special, he tackles everything from bad advice from mom, roofies vs the roofie voice, being in the middle of a tornado in Louisville vs a earthquake in Los Angeles, Pulling out, pinkeye and ting ting (various other issues with kids), not messing with a Filipino mom (other issues with mom), his grandmother, and his battle with sleep apnea in this special that is non stop laughs.

jo koy 2I love Jo Koy’s style of comedy because he gets very involved in his jokes with the facial expressions and the impressions of his family which is just hilarious and fun to watch. One of my favorite segments is when he is talking about his mother because he does such a funny impression of her. He talks about how his mother never helped him with anything like if he was looking for his keys, his mother busted his balls about it. One of the other jokes that I thought was funny was when he as talking about his son contracting pinkeye three weeks in a row and he couldn’t understand why. Then he found out that his son was touching his ass and then rubbing his eyes. There are tons of great bits like this one on the special which focuses heavily on his kid and his mother. This was definitely a really funny special from Jo Koy and I really couldn’t stop laughing and it’s been a while since I laughed like this. To enjoy the special, you can see clips of it on Comedy Central’s website or you can watch it on Amazon Prime, but you have to rent it at the moment. Like I said, I enjoyed the special which is why I am going to give it an A for a final grade.

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