Cover Of The Week: No Easy Way Out by Bullet For My Valentine

Posted: April 10, 2015 in Cover Of The Week
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I have always been a fan of cover songs just for the fact that it’s cool to see how a band will take a song and interpret it in their own unique way. It’s one thing to take a track and just play it exactly the same way as the last band which would constitute that song going on a tribute album. The best is when a band takes a song and they make it their own by either making it heavier than the original version or as Bullet For My Valentine do here, take a song that isn’t a metal song and they make it one. I remember the Rocky IV Soundtrack and I remember thinking that it was an iconic 80’s soundtrack with amazing songs like Robert Tepper’s No Easy Way Out. For the Japanese edition of their second album Scream Aim Fire, Bullet For My Valentine recorded some covers as bonus tracks and No Easy Way Out was one of the songs they covered. The band spices up the song making it a little heavier, but they keep the rock edginess of the original a well as some keyboards to go along with it. One of the statements that is so true is VH1 covered the best cover songs and they correctly say that Bullet had the balls to cover the song in the first place which also makes it that much more awesome. I love the track and I think you should definitely check it out below:


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