rope1001 Movies To See Before You Die is a book series that I believe has been published annually that updates with a list of 1001 films that every movie lover should see before they perish. Of course, it’s a hefty task to try and see 1001 movies, but nevertheless every week, I am going to try and knock down some of those that are on the list and I will present them here. The first movie on the list that I decided to watch was from the master of suspense himself Alfred Hitchcock in his 1948 feature called Rope. The movie is about a couple of socialites named Brandon (John Dall) and Phillip (Farley Granger) who decide to invite their friend David (Dick Hogan) over to their apartment before their party starts. What David doesn’t realize is that the guys are thinking about strangling him to death for the pure thrill and the idea of cleansing the earth of inferior people. What happens next is even more ridiculous as the guys plan to hide David in a chest and invite everyone over to see if anyone notices that David is right under their thumbs. Will they get away with it or will someone finally catch on? The film also stars the great Jimmy Stewart (North By Northwest) as Rupert Cadell, Edith Evanson (Shane) as Mrs. Wilson, Douglas Dick (The Red Badge Of Courage) as Kenneth, Joan Chandler (Humoresque) as Janet, and Cedric Hardwicke (The Ten Commandments) as Mr. Kentley.

rope 2You can not help yourself wondering the whole time that you are watching this film and questioning why won’t anyone look in the chest? It is one of the most brilliant films that Hitchcock was attached to, but then again almost everything he did was brilliant. The reason I think this film is brilliant is for the fact that it is a dialogue driven film that keeps you attention throughout the whole entire film because of the suspense. The film is also character driven because you see the true personalities of our two main characters unfold right before your very eyes and there is only one room that they use as the setting which is the very room the chest is in. Jimmy Stewart also puts on one of his routine home run roles that we were always so used to seeing from him whether it was in Hitchcock film or any other films Jimmy did. You know that right when Jimmy Stewart’s character walked into the room that the proverbial sh** was about to hit the fan as he started seeing all of the clues. I can definitely see why this film is on the list because it actually has a well written script which includes an amazing monologue at the end of it and it’s characters have substance. If you enjoy great character driven films with great stories then you’ll do yourself a favor and you will check this one out. I am going to give the film an A for a final grade because Hitchcock always delivers no matter what film it is. Note: I have seen some films on the list, so I am going to try and review ones that I haven’t seen with an occasional one I have. Stay tuned for more.


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