Single Of The Week: Suffer In Silence by Coal Chamber Featuring Al Jourgensen

Posted: April 13, 2015 in Single Of The Week
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I hope that Coal Chamber fans are foaming at the mouth to hear brand new music from the band as their new album Rivals is gearing up to hit the shelves and your online store on May 19TH through Napalm Records. The band had already unleashed the track I.O.U. Nothing earlier in the year and they have been playing it during their live sets as we saw on Yahoo Live. Well, the band has unleashed another new track for all of you to hear and it features a really cool special guest on the track as well. The song is called Suffer In Silence and it features the legendary industrial pioneer Al Jourgensen of Ministry on the track. Lead singer Dez Fafara commented on Al being on the track, “Al has been a close friend for many years, he’s a legend, and literally was the only guy I asked to be a guest on this record. He came over to the house, we had BBQ, a hell of a lot of wine, then I had the pleasure of watching him in my home studio do what he does! I f—ing love this song so jam it loud!” Mikey Cox brutal beats kick off the badass new track as the band absolute jams and one of the cool things about the lyric video is that it shows you both Dez and Al singing their parts on the track. Coal Chamber are on a little bit of a break as they get ready to tear up South America and then Europe following in the summer, but if you’d like to now where they’ll be then click here for all the dates. You can also check out all the different pre-order bundles there are for the album Rivals by going here, but check out the track Suffer In Silence below:



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