Peter-Steele-630x420Five years ago (April 14, 2010) the goth metal world lost a legend when Type O Negative frontman/bassist Peter Steele die of a aortic aneurysm at the age of 48. It was a death that was hard to cope with because Peter Thomas Ratajczk (his real name) had defied death so many times before in his life from an attempted suicide, overdose, and even faking his death back in 2005. It was n secret that Peter battled drug and alcohol addiction, but according to an article, he was finally happy about being sober just days before his death. Johnny Kelly remembers the day he found out, “I got a phone call from a number that I didn’t recognize, so I let it go to voicemail. It was Peter’s sister. I called her up and said, ‘What’s up?’ and she was like, ‘We lost Peter.’ I said, ‘What do you mean?’ and she said, ‘He’s gone.’ At the time, they didn’t know the cause of death.” After hearing the news, he drove to te band’s rehearsal space and he broke the news to guitarist Kenny Hickey, “He started yelling at me: ‘How come you didn’t call me?!?. I was like, ‘I was going to see you in five minutes!’ I didn’t want to tell him over the phone. We were both in complete disbelief. It was like the end of an era, man. The end of an era.” Keyboardist Josh Silver commented saying, “Who knows if he died from all the drugs over the years or something else. He was diagnosed with the condition years and years ago, but if you take care of yourself and do the right stuff it’s something you can live with for quite a while. There are plenty of 90-year-olds running around with it. He always said that he felt the flutter in his heart, even when he was a kid, so he might have been born with it for all we know. He’s had four or five males in his family that have died from heart disease before 50, so it could have been congenital. Who knows? There is a price you pay for being so big, too.” Back in 2013, I reviewed the band’s record Bloody Kisses which also happens to be my favorite album from the band. You can check that out here and below that check out the video for Black No. 1. R.I.P. Peter Steele

Iron-MaidenOn April 14, 1980 one of power metal or just plain heavy metal’s biggest legends Iron Maiden released their self titled debut record that took the metal world by storm. The album featured vocalist Paul Di’Anno who is a figure in the band that causes the most arguments because fans are constantly arguing as to who their favorite Maiden vocalist was. Nevertheless, we all know the differences in their vocal ranges and so did Paul when he commented, “I came from more of a punk background than a rock background.” Iron Maiden was a band at the time that was ahead of every other band from the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal scene because they were great musicians. Paul adds, “The only ones doing anything slightly different were us and Motorhead. But Motorhead had been around for years and everyone know what they were like, they just didn’t know what to call them – punk, metal, whatever. People could tell we were a new kind of metal and they came to check us out. And a lot of them welt, ‘Wow, this is fantastic.” It was a heavily influential record that influenced a lot of bands in it’s day and it definitely set the band on a course we as aspiring musicians only dream of. Check out the amazing track Prowler below:


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