rsd15-630x420This year Dave Grohl was the official ambassador for the annual Record Store Day, a event that celebrates how great and amazing record stores once were back in the day. It’s a day that get’s people off of their computers and into an actual record store where you see all the amazing vinyls, CD’s, and in today’s case a couple of cassettes. This was what I believe to be the fourth record store day that I have gone to and the second in a row that I have attended and it was fun. I showed up to my local Newbury Comics where there was already a line of people waiting outside of the store so I was a little worried that I wasn’t going to get what I wanted the most which was the Metallica No Life Till Leather Demo Cassette and the 7″ When The Stillness Comes Slayer vinyl. When I first entered the store, I panicked because I couldn’t find the Slayer record, but I immediately located the Metallica demo cassette and I was ok with that for that moment. The second Item I picked up was the side by side 7″ Vinyl of Syd Barrett doing Dark Globe one one side and R.E.M. doing the track on the other side. The third item I located was the In This Moment pink 7″ vinyl release of Sex Metal Barbie and then after searching high and low, I finally located my prize possession which was the Slayer vinyl. My day was finally complete, but I picked up a couple more things along the way like the Stone Sour EP on vinyl of Meanwhile In Burbank and N.W.A.’s Straight Outta Compton on Cassette and some freebies as I was walking out the door. While it was a quick and expensive event, it was well worth the trip and my support of independent record stores everywhere. Go to yours and check it out for yourself.


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