At 12:30 PM Eastern Time, Rolling Stone will be airing System Of A Down’s live performance from Armenia to commemorate and bring awareness to the tragedy of the 1915 Armenia Genocide with their Wake Up The Soul Trek. According to, “April 24, 1915 is seen as the beginning of the attempted extermination of the people of Armenia, and over a span of 8 years, over 1.5 million Armenians were killed by the Ottoman Empire. The Turkish government still denies the massacre took place and System of a Down has used this tour to combat such policy.” Drummer John Dolmayan had this to say about the event, “It’s truly an honor for System of a Down to commemorate the 100-year anniversary of the Armenian Genocide by performing our first-ever concert on Armenian soil.” During a Reddit AMA Serj Tankian had this to say as well, “The Genocide and our quest for justice has now been engrained into the DNA of Armenian culture and has become the most prevalent characteristic and bond among our people. No culture wants to be victimized forever. But does that have to take over our cultural treasures? Isn’t what we’re doing with System Of A Down the perfect marriage of that? To present our cultural assets while fighting for justice. One without the other is an irreversible loss I think.” Check out the concert here or below if you like.


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