2For the first time in the band’s history, System Of A Down traveled to Yerevan, Armenia to play a two and the half concert set at Hanrapetu’tyan Hraparak (The Republic Square) to raise awareness on the 100TH year anniversary of the Armenian Genocide as this was the last date of their Wake Up The Souls Trek. During a Reddit AMA session, lead singer Serj Tankian has stated, “The Genocide and our quest for justice has now been engrained into the DNA of Armenian culture and has become the most prevalent characteristic and bond among our people. No culture wants to be victimized forever. But does that have to take over our cultural treasures? Isn’t what we’re doing with System Of A Down the perfect marriage of that? To present our cultural assets while fighting for justice. One without the other is an irreversible loss I think.” Before the concert started and during certain breaks of the show the band would have videos playing explaining what had happened during the Armenian genocide and how countries have ignored it. As I said, the show was broken into three parts and the crowd was living it as they stuck around and interacted with the band throughout the whole show despite the downpours that ensued.

11The band occasionally spoke Armenian with the crowd and spit out messages the resonated with the crowd while they tour through classics like Holy Mountain (The show opener), Prison Song, Aerials, and more. One of my favorite moments of the show came with guitarist Daron Malakian who proclaimed to the crowd, “This is not a rock and roll show. To our killers, This is revenge.” The band was there to raise awareness and become one with their fellow Armenians which was more than evident as the crowd was excited to just have the band there. They would do little things like playing Sartarabad to excite the crowd or even Hezze during one of the guitar solos. After being 28 songs into the set, the crowd’s energy level was still off the charts and that fueled the band to finish the set with the third and final part of the show which included classics like Science, ATWA, Toxicity, and show closer Sugar. Right before the band got into the song Cigaro, Serj addressed the crowd and gave them a lengthy message talking about the horrors his grandparents went through at the time and ended up by saying it was up to them to make the necessary changes. The band definitely proved during the show there was a reason why they were one of the most successful bands of the 2000’s because they are so exciting to watch when they are on target. It was an exiting show to watch just knowing it was their first time there and everyone should thank Rollingstone.com for giving people outside of Armenia the chance to see this show live online. If you get a chance to watch it online, I would because the show was definitely amazing. Check it out here and enjoy some pics and the set list from the show below.

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