Music Video Of The Week: Lonely Day by System Of A Down

Posted: April 24, 2015 in Music Video Of The Week
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To commerate the concert System Of A Down performed yesterday in Armenia, we have decided to bring you one of their music videos of the music video of the week. I chose the track Lonely Day which was off the Mezmerize record released back in 2005. Sometimes it hard to believe that 2005 was the last time we had new music fromt he band as I know fans are anxiously awaiting new music from them as am I. Nevertheless, we have a plethora (of sorts) of music to listen to and enjoy. The music video is exactly what you think it would be as the subject matter suggests that it’s the most loneliest day of his life. It shows the band in the tour bus all hanging by themselves and various people from all walks of life being lonely. It’s an amazing video for such an amazing song from the band. So, check it out below and check out their show from Armenia while your at it here (the link is provided there).


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