IMG_1865While Stone Temple Pilots attempts to be this generations Van Halen with their own version of Sammy Hagar in Chester Bennington of Linkin Park as the band did stop in New York City for a stop on their Sprint Tour at the world famous Irving Plaza with openers Dreamers. The performance was also broadcasted on Yahoo Live as it was the big test of how Chester was going to fit in the group as he has some big shoes to fill. It was also a big test of for band made up of DeLeo brothers Robert and Dean, and drummer Eric Kretz as they were ready to play the songs that brought them to this point. We know how the songs sound cause we’ve heard them countless times, but how were they going to sound with Chester and how was he going to carve his niche into Stone Temple Pilots. New York was definitely the spot to test it out as the crowd seemed into the show.

IMG_1860The band blasted through hit after hit opening with Lounge Fly and rocking out Vasoline, Sex Type Thing, Crackerman, Sin, Pruno, and the only original song played all night featuring Chester in Out Of Time. While the songs sounded amazing throughout the whole night reminding you why they were amazing in the first place, I earned for a little bit more out of Chester. He carried himself onstage with pink or magenta colored hair (not original) and he did his best impressions of Scott Weiland on stage as far as signing and movements were concerned. I did like that he tried to remain true to the originals and he even added his own flair to some songs and they were rocking. One of my favorite moments came during their semi acoustic part of the set when they had to address a heckler. Now you know that the band is going to have those, it’s obvious. So, during the band’s performance of Big Empty, Dean had to stop the show to address the heckler as he ordered security to get rid of him with a lot of expletives attached to it. The show must go on and it did as they wrapped up the rest of the set playing classics like Plush, Interstate Love Song, Down, and the encore songs Piece Of Pie and Dead And Bloated. It was a fun set to watch and you just have to be your own judge as to whether you like it or not. Now enjoy some pics from the set and the setlist.

1 IMG_1824 IMG_1845 IMG_1847 IMG_1849 IMG_1853 IMG_1855 IMG_1858 IMG_1861 IMG_1864 Stone Temple Pilots and Chester Bennington Perform at the House of Blues in Boston, MA on September 9, 2013


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