chris deliaAt this point in the game there should be a commandment that is put into effect for all to see that reads Thou Shall Not Doubt Netflix and there is a reason for that. Netflix has never disappointed me as far as Stand Up Specials are concerned because they are constantly producing amazing specials like the one I watched today from Whitney and Undateable star Chris D’Elia. Incorrigible is Chris’s second live stand up special and first with Netflix that he has done as well as you may remember him from his various Comedy Central stand up specials or even his stint on Showtime’s Live Nude Comedy. as well as seeing him on the Comedy Central Roast of Justin Bieber. In this comedy special he tackles all sorts of topics like his humble beginnings, getting directions from Cubans, Unhappy Russians, women problems, avoiding arguments, Dexter and the effect the show has, getting prizes after sex, babies and why they are no good, NFL being cooler with real life animals, and so much more as the special was directed by Chris’s dad Bill D’Elia (Boston Legal).

IMG_2016One of my favorite jokes that he talks about (which is one of many) is when he is talking about how sad it is that he cried after watching the movie Kazaam which stars Shaquille O’Neal. Just the way he talks about it and the impressions he makes to make the joke even better are amazing. I love the fact that he is willing to laugh along with the crowd while he is telling the jokes because to me that is how you know its funny. There are so many amazing moments in this special from wanting a prize inside of a women’s you know what to his impressions of a happy Cuban to an angry Russian (which is super hilarious). I have to admit that I didn’t really know who Chris D’Elia was and I watched the special because Netflix suggested it to me and I am so happy that I checked it out. This is definitely a contender for Stand Up Special Of The Year at the next Monster Entertainment Awards that will be held next year. Do yourselves a favor and log into your Netflix account and check out this special because you are definitely not going to regret watching this at all. So, with that being said I am going to give the special an A+ for a final grade.


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