If you are a true horror fan and a true fan of Italian Horror then you should know who the band Goblin is because this band is legendary. The band worked a lot with Dario Argento on soundtracks to his films like The Church, Phenomena, Opera, Suspiria, and so many more. Now the band is back with a brand new record for the whole world to hear and they are going by the name Goblin Rebirth. The song is called Requiem For X and it will be released on their self titled new album due out June 30, 2015 via Relapse Records. Guitarist Giacomo Anselmi had this to say about the track, ” The song is a prayer… It starts very sad, but it builds to become furious in the end. It tells the story of the death of a goblin. Fabio (Pignatelli) arranged the entire song. A child was supposed to sing the whistle melody at the beginning, but we changed it — we didn’t want another ‘School at Night.’ It’s unbelievable, a continuous crescendo until the song stops. That’s the moment when X dies.” Check out the track below and check out the tracklisting below that:

Track Listing For Goblin Rebirth 

1. Requiem For X
2. Back in 74
3. Book of Skulls
4. Mysterium
5. Evil In The Machine
6. Forest
7. Bolero
8. Rebirth

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