Tuesday Stand Up: Uganda Be Kidding Me by Chelsea Handler (2014)

Posted: May 5, 2015 in Stand Up Special Review
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chelseaI never thought that in all my time as a blogger that I was going to be covering a comedy special that features Chelsea Handler. I didn’t realize that Chelsea Handler the host of the popular E! show Chelsea Lately, was also a stand up comedian. The special that I watched from her was her very first comedy special with Netflix called Chelsea Handler: Uganda Be Kidding Me which was in direct support of her New York Times #1 best seller book of the same name recorded from Chicago, Illinois. In the special, she tackles everything from touring some great and bad areas like Alaska, a twin with no teeth, going to Africa, super lesbians, putting her makeup artist on a dating site, latisse for vaginas, bleaching a**holes, parenting, advice for me during sex, labeling everything and so much more in this no holds barred comedy special.

chelsea 2I was reading a review by someone on IMDB and I have to agree with them a little bit where they say they didn’t laugh at all during her comedy special, but for me it was only for the first half. Starting off, I didn’t find the special very funny until she started to talk about advice for guys when having sex with women. That to me was very funny and she kind of accurately nailed it on the head when it comes to guys during sex. I do have to give her some credit where credit is due because she’s not afraid to bare it all for laughs especially during this special where nothing is out of bounds. I’m sure that people close to her will probably have something to say about that, but I don’t think Chelsea cares. The reviewer also felt that all she did was complain about how stupid people are, but don’t we all do that too. Where she was lacking in the special, she definitely made up for it throughout the rest of it by not only complaining about others, but making fun of herself as well. I definitely enjoyed watching the special and you can obviously see it on Netflix as it is available to stream as we speak. I am going to give the special an B+ for a final grade.


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