BLind MeLoNFor this week’s album of the week, I wanted to check out a band that was and is a little different than what I normally pick for an album of the week. You also have to consider that this band was very different for the rock scene for what was popular in 1992 which saw Guns N Roses as popular as Nirvana. The band that I am talking about is BLind MeLoN which was led by the late Shannon Hoon on vocals while the rest of the band was made up of Brad Smith (Bass), Rogers Stevens (Guitar), Christopher Thorn (R. Guitar), Glenn Graham (Drums). The band was often described as alternative southern rock with a tinge of retro 70’s rock as well and that was what was cool about them in the first place. During the recording of the album, the band felt that LA was not the right place to be as it didn’t help catch their vibe so they moved to Durham, North Carolina and recorded the album there. The album peaked at number 3 on the Billboard Top 200 charts spawning the hit No Rain which hit number one on the Billboard Mainstream Rock Tracks Chart and US Billboard Modern Rock Charts and the video received regular airplay on MTV.

1. Soak The Sin– The song starts off with a real funky bass line that really drives the song in a real rocking track that I believe talks about starting over. The song has some amazing guitar riffs in it that are very bluesy.  4/5

2. Tones Of Home– Another track that reminds me a little of Janes Addiction while adding that southern rock twist to it in a track that is about Shannon leaving Indiana for LA. 4/5

blind-melon-cd-musica-album-no-rain-2642-MLM2572707626_042012-F3. I Wonder– The song starts off acoustically before it goes quite and comes back with a southern rock inspired riff in a track about addiction. 4/5

4. Paper Scratcher– While the song sounds upbeat like a Janes Addiction track, the lyrics are a little introspective as it seems to deal with the subject of drug addiction which have a little close to home. 4/5

5. Dear Ol’ Dad– A very bluesy rock track whose lyrics could be about an ex-girlfriend of his who was bitter towards after she found God. 4/5

6. Change– An acoustic track which is very amazing and it was written by Shannon that just talks about life, it showcased Shannon’s brilliance. 5/5

7. No Rain– This is probably the most famous BLind MeLoN song in the world and it’s a beautiful track as it talks about depression and finding joy in the small things in life. It’s songs like this that make it a shame that he was taken from us too soon. The acoustic track with the hand snaps to go along with it is a beautiful track. 5/5

8. Deserted– The track has a real 70’s rock feel to it right from the start before it just starts to groove as it talks about someone going through tough times in life. 4/5

9. Sleepyhouse– Another beautiful semi-acoustic track from Blind Melon about innocence and being as hopeful as a child. 4/5

Blind Melon cs10. Holyman– The song has that Zeppelin/Skynyrd feel to it while he sings about religions and just having enough with them. 4/5

11. Seed To A Tree– A track that has a real bluesy funk feel to the guitars while Shannon sings about a failed relationship 4/5

12. Drive– That Foghat like guitar riff in the beginning is cool as the song grooves along sort of reminding me of a Pearl Jam track about watching a friends decent into drugs. 4/5

13. Time– The last track on the record that starts off with just guitar and vocals before the rest of the band comes charging in on a track about wanting to be along and not having enough time. 4/5

My Final Thoughts– They were such a great band and as I said before they were so different than what was available to us at the time that they were a breath of fresh air. Unfortunately, three years later the band would release their second album and within 8 weeks of it, Shannon overdosed and died. All you can do is enjoy the music that he left us because that is all we will ever have and what an album he left us with this one. I am giving the album four stars out of five for a final grade.


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