Music Video Of The Week: Sex Metal Barbie by In This Moment

Posted: May 7, 2015 in Music Video Of The Week
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aFor this week’s Music Video Of The Week, we are presenting a video to you from a band that always delivers visually stunning material to go along with their amazing music. In This Moment are one of those bands that always has an amazing music video that captures the essence of their music and now they are presenting the video for Sex Metal Barbie, their latest single from their album Black Widow which already spawned the singles Sick Like Me and Big Bad Wolf. To top it all off, Maria Brink is also the director of the Sex Metal Barbie video telling, “I am very excited about the release of the ‘Sex Metal Barbie’ video. Directing it was a liberating experience. When you write music that you are very passionate about being able to bring the visual aspect of it alive with the music is what ties everything together. ‘Sex Metal Barbie’ is all about rising above hate. I used other people’s hatred to create this song and concepts.” She goes on to say, “I really wanted this video to convey that other people’s perceptions of us are just their own twisted and warped views. I wanted a sarcastic and delusional visual to bring this video alive. Lastly I want to thank all the people who feel compelled to express negativity toward us for all the inspiration. I couldn’t have done it without them.” The video is really cool as it features a bunch of creatures that surround her and the visual effects are cool as they use this carnival house of mirrors style effects. Check out the video below and enjoy:


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