5There are few bands in the world that get me excited to really want to see them in a live setting and Faith No More are definitely one of those bands. You can even say that Faith No More may be one of those bands that heavily influenced the Nu-Metal genre even if they don’t think so. The band has been touring the world since reuniting in 2009, but they haven’t done a extensive US tour in a very long time and not to mention they have their first album Sol Invictus coming out in record stores and online on May 19TH. So, last night the band stopped at the Fillmore in Detroit, Michigan as part of their 2015 North American Tour complete with almost their entire original lineup as Mike Patton, Billy Gould, Roddy Bottum, Mike Bordin, with their latest guitarist Jon Hudson. Nevertheless, the band was in form and ready to rock as they opened up with their first single off the new album Motherf**ker and the crowd was into it.

14Besides getting to hear some of my favorite tracks from classic albums like The Real Thing and even Angel Dust, the band played quite a few tracks off the brand new album which was a treat in my mind as a couple of years back I pondered if they would ever come back with anything new. They ran through classics From Out Of Nowhere, Caffeine, Evidence before they first real big hit single with Patton in Epic. After the song was over, Patton asked the crowd why they were not at the Hall & Oates show done the street and for a minute the band pondered the question before playing new track Sunny Side Up. In fact during their performance of Midlife Crisis, the band broke into Rich Girl by Hall & Oates for the interlude which was very cool to hear and Patton explained that they were into them. While the band is known for their high octane energy performances they are also known for being able to slow down the tempo to be smooth as hell like when they performed their covers of The Commodores Easy or Burt Bacharach’s This Guy’s In Love With You during the first encore. The band also had a special guest for the Detroit crowd during the encore as Patton stepped aside and allowed original vocalist Chuck Mosley onstage to perform the track Mark Bowen from the band’s first album.

16The band closed the night by performing another brand new track in the song From The Dead which Patton told the crowd, “Feel free to hate it.” All of the new tracks they played during the show make me even more anxious to adventure to my local record store to purchase the album which everyone should also do especially if you are a Faith No More fan. The band was of course decked out in matching colored clothing that made you feel you were at a religious outing and it definitely felt like the religious experience of a lifetime as we were all lucky to be able to view it on Yahoo Live as well. This was one hell of a night that I am sure the crowd will also never forget as the band still sounds as amazing as they did back in the late 80’s and early 90’s back in their “heyday”. Now enjoy some photos from the show from the show as well as the setlist.

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