Hamburger The MovieIt’s been a while since the last Cheeseball Cinema post that I did so I figured it was time to return with one for all of you and it was one that crossed my mind the first time I saw it on Youtube. You see I was watching the film Fraternity Vacation with Leigh McCloskey (Just One Of The Guys) when I saw Hamburger: The Motion Picture on the suggestion and I saved it to my watch later list. In this film Leigh plays Russell, a college kid who seems to not be able to get women off of him and it gets him kicked out of three colleges. You see his grandfather passed away and left him money, but it’s frozen until Russell can graduate from college. So, he sees an ad for Hamburger University where if he graduates he not only gets the money, but he’ll get his own franchise and he’ll have to keep himself out of trouble. The film also stars Maria Richwine (The Buddy Holly Story) as Conchita, NFL Legend Dick Butkus as Drootin, Randi Brooks (The Man With Two Brains) as Mrs. Vonk, Chuck McCann (Ducktales) as Dr. Mole, Jack Blessing (Paranorman) as Nacio Herb Zipser, Charles Tyner (Cool Hand Luke) as Lyman Vonk, Debra Blee (Savage Streets) as Mia Vonk, Chip McAllister (Weekend Pass) as Magneto Jones, Barbara Whinnery (Hot To Trot) as Sister Sara, Karen Mayo-Chandler (Hard To Die) as Dr. Gotbottom, and the film was directed by Mike Marvin (The Wraith). 

Brooks, Richwine and Chandler

Clockwise from left: Randi Brooks (X2), Karen Mayo-Chandler, and Maria Richwine

Let me start off by saying that this is one cheesy film that looks and sounds like an 1:30 infomercial for sex and hamburgers. Poor McCloskey never had a chance in this film as this is one of his starring roles, but right from the start the opening credits look and sound like a commercial or PSA on hamburgers. It has everything you would expect from a cheesy 80’s film like the weird scientist, the sexy ladies, and the clumsy nerd that everyone loves. So with some of that being aid, there is plenty of T&A to serve to the 80’s cheesy sex comedy fan and Randi Brooks is an absolute fox in this film. The NFL legend Dick Butkus actually does a terrific job in this film playing the jealous brute drill sergeant in the film and I can see why he had some sort of a movie career. There is a lot of great cheesy 80’s flicks just like this one lying around somewhere that needs to be viewed by someone and that someone might as well be me. For the most part everyone in the film did a good job as far as acting and you have to love the various sets in the film as creative as they were. The film was based loosely on fast food jobs and apparently an actual university that McDonald’s would put you through and this film serves as a pretty good source of social commentary on our obsession with fast food burger joints and how bad they are. On a scale of one being close to an A list Hollywood Film and five being the cheesiest film of all time I am going to give this one a 3.8 for a final grade.

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