We are giving you a double shot of singles for the single of the week just because we are feeling generous. At one point, in the beginning stages of the 21ST Century, there was a new rush of rock bands that made one think the rock scene was going to be alive and well. Hinder was one of those bands that was sitting on top of the world along with Shinedown and many others, but the band has faced it’s trials and tribulations along the way. Hinder was on top of the world releasing hit songs like Lips Of An Angel, Get Stoned, and so many others until they hit a road block in 2013 when their lead vocalist Austin Winkler left the band. Now the band has soldiered on and is releasing a brand new record online and in stores everywhere tomorrow (May 12TH) called When The Smoke Clears featuring new vocalist Marshal Dutton. The band first premiered their new track Intoxicated through Loudwire, but we have it here as well. When talking about the single, the band stated, “The song is a heavier side to Hinder, yet still melodic and we can’t wait for fans to hear us perform it live on our upcoming tour!” You have to give the band credit for soldiering on and hopefully fans of Hinder will accept the new record and vocalist. The track is a definite heavy hitter that grooves like Alice In Chains at times while Dutton gives you more of that 80’s style vocals that remind me of Vince Neil at times with like I said before an AIC feel to it. I really like the single and I cannot wait to hear the new record. Check out the lyric video below:


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