jim gaffiganI was watching TV Land one day when I noticed a commercial for a hilarious new series that is going to premiere this year from Comedian Jim Gaffigan which is called, yep you guessed it The Jim Gaffigan Show. So, I took to the internet to try and find a stand up comedy special that featured the comedian because he is hilarious. So, I found this comedy special Jim Gaffigan: Mr. Universe on Netflix from the Warner Theater in Washington DC. The comedian originally released the CD/DVD back in 2012 for five dollars after Louis C.K. and Aziz Ansari were able to pull it off. In this comedy special, the comedian tackles every kind of topic possible that is funny from kids, home birth, Disney, useless picture taking, exercise, bodybuilders, McDonald’s and our obsession with it, speedwalkers, being spoiled, sock and underwear jokes, whales, bread bowls, Subway, Vitamins, and so much more.

jim gaffigan 2Jim Gaffigan is one of the funniest comedians on the scene who makes being a little overweight kind of funny because you know it’s true. The first time I ever saw Jim Gaffigan was this funny bit he did on Hot Pockets and so I remembered how funny that was and it was a no brainer to watch this. One of my favorite topics of the show was his bit on exercise because every emotion he talked about was exactly how I felt every time I went to the gym. There are machine sin there that make absolutely no sense to use like the stair master and why spend money on a personal trainer when you are already sending money for the gym. The bit he does on McDonald’s is so sad, but it so true that you have to listen to it. This was one of those rare specials that I couldn’t stop laughing at just about every single joke and it was laugh out loud, almost falling to the floor laughing that was involved. I definitely suggest that every stand up comedy fan check this out or any special that Jim Gaffigan has. I am going to give this special an A for a final grade because it is funny.



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