Portada - Motley Crue amarillaFor this week’s album of the week, I wanted to check out an album that has been sort of in the news as of late, but only because some of the people who made it feel it needs the recognition. The album I m talking about is the 1994 self titled record that featured former The Scream singer/guitarist John Corabi. Corabi took over for Vince Neil who was either fired or quit the band depending on who you talked to in the band. When asked about the record by The Beat,  Tommy Lee has said, “It’s huge. Honestly, dude, it’s one of my favorite Crüe records. Sonically, the songs and the playing on that record is gnarly. We worked our asses off on that record.” He goes on to talk about the mentality the band had after they had fired Neil while approaching the new record, “We had so much to prove: Vince was gone, we had a new singer who also plays guitar and writes and he brought a whole new element to this. But once fans are used to a certain thing, they just didn’t want to know about any other version of Mötley Crüe. That’s understandable, but when you break it down, that record still sounds rad today.” Never fear because Tommy Lee isn’t the only one that feels that way about the album, just ask Mick Mars, “I’ll probably get kicked in the nuts for this, but I thought it was a really great album. It was a great step forward for us, a different style of music. I thought it was much heavier and much more. I don’t even know how to say it. The songs sounded more like songs. … I thought that album was fantastic.” The album of course featured Nikki Sixx (Bass), Mick Mars (Guitars), and Tommy Lee (Drums) with John Corabi on vocals and guitars. The album peaked on the Billboard Top 200 chart at number 7 while being certified Gold for selling 500,000 copies. 

1. Power To The Music– The song starts off with some big monster riffs that was groovin with the best of them at the time. This was a completely different band then what we were used to from the Crue. 4/5

motley crue 1994 back2. Uncle Jack– Another track whose music blows my mind because the riffs were monster and bluesy and it could compete with anything that was out there at the time. The song is actually about Jon’s Uncle Jack who was a convicted child molester. 4/5

3. Hooligan’s Holiday– This was the very first single off the record and the most recognizable song from the Corabi led Crue era. The song mixed a little of old Crue, but bumped it up another notch. 5/5

4. Misunderstood– This is a great track whose subject matter deals with people who have seen their lives pass them by and they are trying to deal with it. The song starts with an acoustic part before the track gets electrified. 4/5

5. Loveshine– An semi-acoustic track that deals with the subject of love if you didn’t guess it by the title. This is no way a ballad, but more in the sense of something we would have heard from Tesla and other bands like that. 4/5

6. Poison Apples– This is a hellraiser of a heavy bluesy rock track that deals with drug use and the kind of decadence the band was used to. 4/5

7. Hammered-This was the first track that Corabi wrote with the band and the track grooves with the best of them because this was 80’s hard rock with a 90’s flair, but it also shows you what adding another guitarist does for your sound. The song features a really cool bass part from Nikki Sixx right before the guitar solo. 4/5

8. Til Death Do Us Part– This was the original working title of the album when they were first recording the album. The starts with a clean channel guitar riff with the distorted guitar riff and it’s very bluesy. 4/5

9. Welcome To The Numb-The Crue must have been influenced by the current scene at the time when they were writing this album because you can hear in the tracks. This is a unique track from the band that seems to be about heroin use, bu the guitar riffs are heavy and laced with grooves. 4/5

Motley-Crue-2-picture10. Smoke In The Sky– Motley Crue’s song about Marijuana use that is hard driving rock and roll madness. 4/5

11. Droppin Like Flies– an introspective track looking back on the LA Riots of 1992 to a very bluesy hard rock riff that is grunge like.  4/5

12. Driftaway- A track that features some amazing lyrics from Corabi and Co. that is almost a track on reflecting and getting lost in the good moments of life. The music that goes along with it is perfect for the track.  4/5

My Final Thoughts– One thing that you have to give John Corabi is that he was in a way a better lyricist than Vince Neil and the album was very good. The only problem is that a lot of us were stuck on the fact that Vince Neil belonged in Mötley Crüe which is true, but I won’t take anything away from this record. MC94 (as it is sometimes referred to) deserves a chance listen from any fan of hard rock and Mötley Crüe because the riffs are heavier than before and the lyrics are great plus Corabi is a good vocalist. I am going to give the album four stars out of five for a final grade.

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