mad max 3Since Mad Max: Fury Road, the brand new film from mastermind George Miller is about to come out in theaters in a couple of days, we are continuing our countdown to it with the last film made in the series (at the time) for Ass Whoopin Wednesdays. The third film at the time Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome sees the journey of our former Australian policeman Mad Max (Mel Gibson) continue his journey through the wastelands as he approaches a town called Bartertown where if you guessed it, trades are negotiated. You see someone stole a vehicle from Max and he tracked it all the way down to Bartertown. He makes a deal with the leader of the town Aunty Entity (Tina Turner) that if he got rid of a pest for her in the name of Blaster (One half of Master Blaster which is played by Paul Larsson), she would give him his things back, but he has to become a gladiator and fight him in the the thunderdome. After failing to, he is forced to travel the desert in hopes that he will die, but after getting rescued by kids, he will make his way back to Bartertown to correct the wrongs. The film also stars Bruce Spence (The Road Warrior) as the pilot, Frank Thring (Ben-Hur) as The Collector, Robert Grubb (The Flying Doctors) as Pigkiller, George Spartels (The Great Bookie Robbery) as Blackfinger, Helen Buday (Alexandra’s Project) as Savannah Nix, and Justine Clarke (Home And Away) as Anna. Before we get into the review of the film, let’s check out some stats.

Mad Max 3 Stats











mad max 3.2I have to say right off the bat that this may be the most overrated film of the original Mel Gibson lead Mad Max films because it starts off great, but then it fizzles for a little while. I say that because the film has me hooked with the gladiator themed beginning, but right when the village of kids discovers him, that is where they have me lost because it’s cheesy. Nevertheless as far as the stats are concerned, he has 11 knockouts/kills and there is no origin story or any reference to any of the films before it. There is absolutely no love interest at all in this film and no one he cares about gets hurt at all in the film. As far as the big boss being defeated, this is where it can get a little confusing so that is why I put sort of. Warning Spoiler alerts are coming next. Tina Turner ends up being the big boss and she really isn’t defeated because she lives, but Max ends up allowing what she wants to escape so in a way she ultimately loses. As I said before, there were parts of the film that I thought were great like the beginning of the film and the the last part of the film which has the car chase desert scene. Now that the countdown is down, you’ll have to get yourself to the theaters and check out the newest film from George Miller like I am with a review coming next week. As far as this film is concerned, I am giving it 3 fists out of five for a final grade.


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