Velvet_revolver_come_on_come_inIt’s that time of the week again when I unveil another Soundtrack Saturday song for all of you to enjoy. For a little while in the early to mid-2000’s when Marvel was releasing films like Spider-Man, Daredevil, and The Fantastic Four, the company was teaming up with Wind Up Records when it came to the soundtracks for all of the films and they released some amazing songs in the process. That brings us to this point as I decided to go into The Fantastic Four Soundtrack which featured three supergroups in total with two specially created for the purpose of the film and one already in existence. The supergroup that I chose for today is Velvet Revolver, the once short lived supergroup that all of us loved because it featured the always controversial Scott Weiland with the members of the most dangerous rock band in the world Guns N Roses (Slash, Duff McKagan, and Mat Sorum) and Dave Kushner. The track is called Come On, Come In and it absolutely rocks. It’s the perfect blend of what was great about Scott Weiland matched with the hard rock superiority of Guns N Roses which made for an explosive mix. You can argue that the soundtrack was a little bit better than the film, but that all depends on your own personal tastes. I loved the track and I have it here for you to check out below:


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