For all of you that have been wondering what Bullet For My Valentine have been up to since their bassist Jay James left the band back in February, I have the answer for you right here. The band has signed a new bassist, released info on their upcoming record, and they released a new song for all of us to hear. The band has announced that Jamie Mathias is the new bassist in the group and they announced that the title of their upcoming fifth album is going to be called Venom. Back in February the band had this to say about the record, “We’ve been working hard on this record for over a year now, writing and demoing a ton of material in that time. As we sit here on the 1st of February 2015, we have the most songs we’ve EVER had written for an album before recording session, and now begins the difficult process of choosing the best of the best of them to make the cut for #BFMV5” As far as the new music is concerned, if you are a fan of the ferocious style of metal that BFMV was known for then you are going to love the new music. The song is at times furious matched with the clean singing during the choruses that we loved from the band’s early days. I am definitely excited about the new album which hits the shelves on August 14TH via Sony Music and the band worked with Colin Richardson who produced the first two albums (Poison and Scream Aim Fire). If you want to follow the band’s new bassist on Twitter then follow @BFMVJAMIE. Otherwise, look for the band on tour this summer with Slipknot, Lamb Of God, and Motionless In White starting July 24TH. Check out the new track below:


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