0Ronnie Radke may be one of the most polarizing figures in all of rock these days as he admits to being an A**hole, but much like the lyric to the song suggests, he’s just like you. Ronnie has been having some success as of late with his band Falling in Reverse as the band rolled through The House Of Blues in Boston, MA last night as part of Ronnie Radke’s Three Ring Circus tour which also features Ghost Town and Dying Is Your Latest Fashion as the opening acts. Falling In Reverse has been touring in support of their latest offering Just Like You via Epitaph Records which has had some critical acclaim amongst rock critics. The crowd in Boston which was a mix of teens and young adults, was definitely ready to rock out with the band that night as you could feel the energy in the air and the anticipation that followed when the lights went out as the show was being simulcast on Yahoo Live. The band started off with the final speech that Charlie Chaplin gives in The Great Dictator before they blasted right in with one of my favorite tracks on the new album in Chemical Prisoner which sounds just as amazing live as it does on record.

10The band blazed through a set that featured a mix of brand new tracks and some classics from the previous two albums the band has released like God If You Are Above, Sexy Drug, Rolling Stone, Tragic Magic, and Raised By Wolves. One of my favorite moments of the show as far as crowd interaction was right after the band was done playing Raised By Wolves. Ronnie was telling the crowd that if they had any kids or babies to throw them in the middle of the pit, but it was right when he says that the next track was, “The heaviest song you’ll ever hear. The heaviest song we’ve ever written” and then they bust into Bad Girls Club from Fashionably Late. Even though the interaction between songs was few and far between does not mean the band wasn’t on point through out the whole show. Ronnie was definitely the ring general of the band as he brought the intensity to the performances as any frontman should and his band was firing off on all cylinders as well.

18After performing new track The Bitter End, the band blazed through some classics like I’m Not A Vampire followed by Ronnie’s rap rock track Alone along with B-Lay before heading into the back to tease the crowd for a encore. As the crowd chanted out loud for Ronnie, the band reappeared on stage to play The Drug In Me Is You before Ronnie claimed that he knew that he was an a**hole. That is when the band announced that Just Like You was the last song of the set and the band brought some confetti with them that reminded me of how great concerts were in the 80’s as far as the spectacle that rock bands brought every night. It was an amazing show that non stop action from beginning to end with literally no filler and everyone who was a fan in Boston definitely received their money’s worth from Ronnie and Falling In Reverse. Check out some photos from the show as well as the complete setlist.

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