jim nortonThere are comedians that come up in life that you enjoy because they are a little more harsh or are not willing to talk about things no other comedian is willing to talk about. I call these comedians the heavy metal comedians because they are brash and in your face and unapologetic about it as well. We’ve had some greats in the past like Andrew Dice Clay or even Sam Kinison, but now we have Jim Norton. In this comedy special that was an Epix Presentation, Jim Norton presents American Degenerate which was filmed at the Somerville Theater in Boston, MA. In this comedy special, Jim tackles every topic imagineable from Casey Anthony, the new Pope (at the time), crowds at concerts, the Middle East, stupid weather jokes, nice smelling guys, hitting on women, a hot girl at the gym, some a**hole at the gym whose always naked, massages, sleep apnea, angry bloggers, and why mainstream media sucks.

jim norton 2Jim Norton is definitely one of my favorite comedians who is undeniably funny and has a no holds barred approach to his stand up routine. As I said before, he tackles topics that most comedians won’t touch like how to know if you get a happy ending out of a regular massage or not to even defending John Travolta when it came to his massage controversy. One of the other funniest bits he has is when he is talking about the girl at the gym that he wants badly. He follows that one up with the old man at the gym joke which is also funny. His reactions and examples he gives while telling some of the jokes are amazing to the point that I consider him in that group of heavy metal comedians which also includes Don Jamieson and Jim Florentine these days. One of the funniest parts comes in the beginning when they play the intro that features fellow comedian Robert Kelly and actor Michael K. Williams (Boardwalk Empire) who looks like he had just finished violating Jim Norton. This is definitely a very funny comedy special that is worth checking out and it’s available to stream on Netflix as we speak. I am giving the comedy special an A for a final grade.


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